SA SoyLites

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SoyLites are South Africa’s soy candle specialists, manufacturing the best quality soybean oil candles and massage candles As a by-product of soybean agriculture, soy candles are completely natural without any synthetic additives or petroleum materials such as paraffin wax.

SoyLites come in a variety of fragrances and containers. The wicks have only cotton or paper cores and are completely lead and zinc free.

Why Soy Candles? They burn cleaner, they last longer, they are good for the environment

Many people like the fact that the fragrances last throughout the life of the candle.

The Benefits of Soy Candles

Made from soybeans, which are a renewable resource. Soy wax is a very clean burning wax Soy wax burns longer than petroleum wax Biodegradable Non-toxic…safe for children and pets Easily cleaned up with soap and water Environmentally sensitive

Soy Candle Burning Tips

Trim wick to 1/4″ before each lighting Allow candle to burn until the surface is completely liquefied. Burn on heat resistant surface Keep lit candle out of reach of children. Never leave lit candles unattended

SoyLights make the perfect gift for any occassion. Available at Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts in Stellenbosch.

Vinyl Table Linen from Masquerade

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Vinyl crochet table runners, placemats, tray cloths, doilies and tablecloths that look and drape like real lace and linen. Low maintenance and inexpensive.

Care Instructions:

Wipe clean with damp cloth
Peel off melted wax when set hard
Hand wash or wash in the machine on its own on a gentle wash at 30ºC

Now Available at Fidders Lights, Gifts & Décor in Stellenbosch.

Time Brandits


The Digital Word Clock with a Difference

Custom Art Word Clocks with LED illumination for low power consumption and longer lifespan with unlimited colour and design possibilities.

We offer the discerning home owner the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, customised time piece to display in your home or business.  Wall hung or recessed to suit the setting, our custom art word clocks stand out as something very different…a talking piece.   At first glance the viewer does not realise exactly what is being shown and is pleasantly surprised and impressed with what is revealed!

It is not about telling the time but about reading the time!  All on a modern clean façade with carefully chosen typeface and font to portray a product of class and quality.

Let your imagination be the inspiration to your one of a kind digital clock!

Product Specifications

  • Square shaped clock face is 460 x 460mm
  • Standard, personal or branded design options available
  • Customisable 350 x 150mm design area
  • 40mm deep
  • Branded clock face option of
  • 610 x 460mm (w) also available
  • Wall mounted units, can also be recessed
  • Standard Arial font to enhance readability
  • Low voltage wall mounted power pack
  • 1 metre power cable

Order will take approximately 2 weeks to delivery.

Order NOW – Fidders Lights, Décor & Gifts – 021 886 4655

Sumptuous Sugarcraft Sensations


Fidders lights, décor & gifts now stock a wide range of Sweetly Does It baking utensils, moulds and accessories.

Go cake crazy with sugary delights such as cupcakes, cake pops, push pops, macaroons, celebration cakes, cookies and chocolates. With a large selection of items to choose from, Sweetly Does It is all about making, decorating and serving your baking bests.

Cake pops are the latest cake craze. Think of a lollipop made from cake and you have got the idea. They not only taste great but there are so many ways to easily decorate them, so they are perfect for parties and just impressing everyone with your baking prowess.

We stock all the utensils and accessories needed for making Cake Pops including the Cake Pop Scoop, 20 Hole Assorted Shapes Silicone Cake Pop Mould, Cake Pop Sticks, Cellophane Packets and Stand.

Everyone is still as crazy as ever for cupcakes. Be sure to impress your friends and guests with our Cup-cake Creations Icing Duets (dual color) icing bag & nozzle set.

Also available: Selection of cake tins including starter set of cake tins, Various shapes and sizes of cookie cutters, icing nozzles & icing bags.

Spiegelau Glassware

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A night at the neighbourhood bistro, where good food is celebrated and the wine flows freely. A few drinks at the hot new bar, where the mixologists get everything right. A weekend dinner party, where the dishes are as sparkling as the conversation. At every table, on every bar. Spiegelau always shines. For the restauranteur or bar owner, the glasses meet all demands in all situations. For the individual, they bring a touch of professionalism to the table.

The Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH, located in the Bavarian Forest, has a long glass-making tradition and was first mentioned in 1521. Spiegelau has been setting trends and standards in the development and production of professional wine glasses for many years.

Today, Spiegelau stands as a synonym for fine dining glasses.

Vino Grande

Spiegelau’s Vino Grande series is part of a connoisseur line designed specifically for wine lovers. The thin rim means less distraction from the taste and texture of the wine. Tap the glass gently with your fingernail and you’ll hear the distinctive ping of fine crystal.

These glasses are well known for their:

Elegance Durability Dishwasher-safety High quality.

Vino Grande, the best seller world wide.

Vino Grande – the ‘intelligent’ glass for elegant and perfect wine drinking.


Authentis offers an assortment of 11 glasses.

Through design of the shape, the fine-blown character of AUTHENTIS ensures that the aroma and bouquet of wine is transferred to the taster in a perfectly authentic way. These elegant glasses are the result of highly specialized production processes combined with an in-depth understanding of wine appreciation. This makes AUTHENTIS the number one choice for sommeliers.

For these reasons, the ‘German Sommelier Association’ has issued a certificate confirming the perfect function and quality of the AUTHENTIS series.


The style series with its classy and elegant glasses ensures to be the right choice for every occasion. Their modern shape emanates aesthetics and self-confidence. They’ve simply got style.



While these candles provide many amazing benefits to your general health and well-being, what SoyLites really aims to achieve is to enhance your everyday through a sensory experience. The aromatherapy combinations have gone through dozens of iterations to create beautiful fragrances for your home and living environments, with the gentle dance of a flame adding a sense of serenity and ambience. The sensual, warm experience of the melted candle on your skin is both instantly nourishing and easily absorbed, leaving your skin smelling and feeling beautiful.

Using SoyLites Candle Oil on your Skin

  • SoyLites candles melt at a low temperature, forming a pool of oil when burning.
  • The nourishing warm oil is rich in vitamin E and lecithin and is easily absorbed with many benefits for the skin.
  • Soybean oil is full of fatty acids known as lecithin, which is key to maintaining and restoring the balance of healthy skin.
  • It is also full of anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, which helps to even out skin tone and improve the texture of the skin.
  • Soybean oil is often found in cosmetic product due to the rejuvenating benefits it provides
  • To apply, simply dip fingers into the outer edge of the oil pool and apply where required.


  • Effective as a general hand and body moisturiser for all dry skin types, wonderful for cracked heels and cuticles and treats dry lips, elbows and knees
  • Leaves your skin feeling nourished, soft and moisturised
  • Aromatherapy oils leave your skin smelling naturally beautiful with diverse aromatherapy benefits
  • Known to aid the treatment of psoriasis and eczema and other dry skin conditions
  • Can be used on stretch marks and scars and even minor abrasions
  • Easy to clean if spilt – simply use a cloth, warm water and low dilution of soap
  • Emits no toxic fumes while burning
  • SoyLites’ massage candle specific range is ideal for therapists and is wonderful for massage treatments and facials.

Aromas Available: Wild Litchi & Aloe, Desert Rose & Orange Blossom, Pomelo & Ginger, Exotic Amber & Lime.

SoyLites Candles now available at Fidders Lights, Décor & Gifts in Stellenbosch – 021 886 4655

Solent Ceiling Fans

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When it’s not just cooling you desire but a style that reflects you!

Customise your perfect ceiling fan, for any room, indoor or outdoor, in a few easy steps.  Just select your style of ceiling fan, accessories and finishes from our extensive collection to build your ideal ceiling fan, it’s that simple!

Not only do we have a style to compliment every décor and lifestyle, Solent ceiling fans are renowned for delivering highly effective cooling, ensuring that you are wonderfully cool, always!

You can have total peace of mind with our no nonsense 3 year warranty, together with our exceptional after sales service, it’s our promise to you.

Solent Ceiling Fans available at Fidders, Lights, Décor & Gifts in Stellenbosch.



The answer to keeping flies off your food.

It’s a simple question, and now it has a simple answer! How are you going to effortlessly and efficiently keep flies off your food? The answer is: you can’t – unless you’ve got a ShooAway!

Regardless of the setting – be it a BBQ, a catered event, a kids’ party, or just relaxing with nibbles and a drink – ShooAway is the perfect companion.

So why not fly in the face of those cumbersome and ineffective methods we’ve all had to put up with for years – get a ShooAway, today, and enjoy fly-free dining forever!

  • Repel Dots

The end of each of ShooAway’s gently rotating blades are patented holographmatic discs. This unique innovation is the key to keeping irritating flies away.

  • Soft Stop Blades

The ShooAway’s soft flexible blades are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a soft stop if something blocks the blades, such as your food or hand.

  • Chemical Free

Unlike so many other methods of controlling flies, ShooAway does not use any harmful chemicals, so is safe for use around food, drink, children and pets.

100% guaranteed environmentally friendly and safe to touch.

For more – watch this video:

Order Now to avoid disappointment! Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts in Stellenbosch – 021 886 4655

Sagaform Oak and Glass

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Sagaform stands for joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table. Indoors and outdoors. Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with.

Sagaform, a top of the range Scandinavian design, wants its brand and product range to be the obvious gift choice for Saturday nights’ dinner hosts, or the new neighbour you want to welcome to the neighbourhood, or yourself when you want to brighten up your own day.

The gift market is never ending and it is Sagaform’s ambition to always be there as a natural option. We want to be the solution to your gift problem and something that spreads joy and appreciation and puts a smile on the receiver’s lips. To make this possible we cooperate with Sweden’s best designers. Gifted designers who are well aware of the brand’s core values and always stay up to date with prevailing home furnishings trends and lifestyles.

Wine Carafe

One of our classics, this is designed as a red wine carafe, but it works for all kinds of drinks. In a timeless design that will never go out of style, it’s a popular gift.

Oak oil/vinegar bottles with oak stoppers, 2-pack

Mouth Blown Glass. A versatile set  you can use for many things  – everything from oil & vinegar to milk for your coffee or a single serving of wine.

Oak Serving Set with Oak Cork – 2 Pack

Mouth blown glass – a serving set for salt & pepper, or why not for a few other spices?  Put it out on the table so that your dinner guests can add the amount they wish to their meal.

Oak Salt/Pepper Set

Oak/Glass salt and pepper set to take to the table so your dinner guests can season their food as they wish.

Candle Lantern

A decorative candle lantern that comes in three sizes for several smaller or one large pillar candle. The tray is made of solid oak with a glass plate that you can clean any wax off easily. Comes in three sizes which also look good together. Don’t forget to oil the tray regularly.

Sagaform gift products are now available at Fidders Lights, Décor and Gifts in Stellenbosch. Ph: 021 886 4655

Ruah Pamper Products

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These luxury pamper products make the ideal, year end, teacher’s gift, christmas gift, pamper party gift or just a spoil yourself gift. Choose from a selction of Body Butters, Hand & Nail Creams, Sunblock, Massage Oils, Hand Soaps, Washing Oils, Shower Wash, Body Scrubs, Room Sprays, Foot Balms, Lip Balms, Bath Milk & Bath Salts.

Contact Fidders Lights, Décor & Gifts 021 886 4655

Quench Drinking Bottles

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Quench bottles, made of high quality 304-grade stainless steel and double-walled,  is a fully insulated flask that will keep your favourite drink hot for 18 hours, or cold for 24 hours. These thermos-dynamics are possible due to the fact that no energy is transferred to the outer wall of the bottle. Your bottle will not feel hot, cold or moist to your touch due to its unique double wall construction.

Quench Bottles are Leak proof. The Seal presses nicely into the neck of bottle that prevents  leaking.

Can store carbonated (fizzy) drinks, preserves freshness and flavour and is rust proof.

Quench bottles are certified and meet all regulatory requirements and are tested by independent and accredited facilities. Tested by an independent & accredited facility:  ISO 9001, BPA free and LFGB.

Comes in 4 distinctive colours: Orange, Grey, Green & Blue.

Choose from 3 different sizes: 500ml; 750ml; 1l

Available at Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts: 021 886 4655

Perforated Outdoor Grill Pan


Just arrived at Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts – the New Perforated Outdoor Grill Pan, with Detachable Handle, from The World’s Best Pan (known worldwide for its award-winning products)

For years, the manufacturers of The World’s Best Pan have mastered the entire production chain of extremely high quality aluminum cookware – from design to the finished product. The excellent quality of their products has been confirmed many times by independent authorities and numerous awards.

The plasma coating is extremely hard and ultra-resistant. It is particularly well suited for the professional kitchen area and for extraordinary stress.

The distortion-free thermal base retains its optimum flatness under all conditions and has a 25 year warranty on that.

Due to the unique casting process, a relaxed structure without pores is achieved, which provides the basis for a distortion-free soil and thus for energy-efficient cooking.

All products all are dishwasher safe, but the best way to clean the pans is with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Order your pan now at Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts in Stellenbosch: 021 886 4655

Pendant Lights

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1 Filament Globe Down Facing Wood Lamp Holder with Braided Colour Cord. Creating a feeling of suspended motion, the Replica Nordic Tales Bright Sprout Pendant’s beauty lies in its simple construction and natural form. Distinctly Scandinavian in its design, it blends glass and wood to create a stunning and completely organic piece.

Hung alone or in clusters, each pendant can be adjusted to hang in any position at your desired height. Simple yet eye-catching, it blends into your home with effortless ease.


1 Globe Down Facing Metal Pendant with Colour Fabric Cord.

Finish: Metal and Fabric Colour Cord

Colour: Turquoise and Red


7 x 1 Globe Down Facing Steel Cluster Pendant

Finish: Steel

Colour: Gold

Osti Cheese Planers


Award Winning Osti Cheese Planers

The Osti 01, non-stick cheese planer was launched in 2014, and has since become highly popular. The Osti 01 cheese planer has a unique and comfortable design and an amazing functionality. It handles most cheeses, and is especially recommended for the harder types of “yellow” cheese, such as Cheddar, Gouda and Emmentaler. The Osti cheese planer generally slices thinner slices than the Osti Original cheese slicer with wire. Thus, it is also a good choice for the calorie conscious consumer. It is made from food friendly nylon (PA 66) and now comes in 6 delightful colors.

The Osti 01 cheese planer is the recipient of numerous international design awards. In 2016, it won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in Germany and in 2015 a iF Gold Award and a Home Style Award in Shanghai. The hanger packaging for the Osti cheese planer has won a European Design Award and a gold iF AWARD.

The Osti cheese planer is dishwasher safe.

Nuance Wine Finer


The Danish designed, Nuance Wine Finer, has 4 functions: aerator, filter, non-spill pourer, and stopper. Just insert the Nuance Wine Finer Aerator into your bottle and pour. Your wine is filtered through a stainless steel filter and aerates your wine while you pour. Any sediment or cork is left behind. Stand your bottle upright and the pourer catches any drips. Top your Wine Finer with the stopper to enjoy a glass later. Four functions, one amazing invention. Body made of solid silicone; pourer and stopper tip made of stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Stylish Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils


Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts stock a vast range of kitchen utensils, amongst them being the ever popular and stylish Joseph Joseph range.

Our kitchen utensils of the month are:

Catcher™ Citrus reamer

Keep the pips out of your homemade lemon meringue pie (or any other recipe requiring citrus juice) with this clever adaptation of a classic tool.

With conventional hand reamers the extracted juice needs to be strained before use, to remove any unwanted pips and fruit pulp. The design of the Catcher™ helps eliminate this problem with its soft rubber cup underneath the reaming head, which catches any debris whist allowing juice to drain through.

More comfortable to use than a horizontal hand juicer, the Catcher™ is perfect for all kinds of citrus and soft fruits.

Multicoloured Nest Baking Set, Set of 7

The Nest™ collection is the ultimate practical, space-saving kitchenware comprising a unique range of food preparation sets. Their innovative design allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked together, thereby occupying the absolute minimum amount of space.

Nest™ 7 Plus is a new addition to the range with an updated design and several practical new features. Both mixing bowls now have non-slip bases and wider carry handles and the measuring cups have been redesigned to ‘snap’ together more securely. An additional spoon in the centre means that measurements from 1 teaspoon (5 ml) up to 1 cup (250 ml) can now be made. The small mixing bowl still includes measurements inside for added convenience (ml/fl.oz) and a spout for accurate pouring.

Nest™ 7 Plus comprises:

5 x measuring cups 1 x small non-slip mixing bowl with measurements 1 x medium non-slip mixing bowl

Scoop Colander

This simple kitchen utensil allows you to quickly and efficiently scoop and drain food straight from a pan or oven dish.

Perfect for deep-frying, it eliminates the need to drain hot liquids from heavy pans before removing food. It’s also versatile enough for use as an everyday serving utensil.

Suitable for use with non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 240°C.

Dishwasher safe.

The Square Colander

This ergonomic colander has several unique features.

Firstly, the single vertical handle ensures it remains upright and stable if placed in a sink and, when held, leaves one hand free for operating the tap. Secondly, its square corners make emptying rinsed food much easier and more precise. Lastly, its vertical drainage holes allow liquids to drain away quickly and efficiently and its square shape makes for efficient storage.

Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit all kitchens.



JarKey was invented by Danish engineer Helge Brix-Hansen. His eighty year old mother, Karen Elisabeth, was suffering from arthritis and could not open a preserving jar on her own. Not even with the help of one of the many jar openers that existed on the world market. Helge solved the problem for her, when he invented JarKey, the world’s best jar opener.

Patented and design awarded jar opener, the JarKey fits all traditional preserving jars. The JarKey is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the lid can now easily be unscrewed. The JarKey is made of high density ABS plastic in an elegant design. JarKey has no sharp edges or points, no moveable parts, and is extremely durable & dishwasher proof. The unique thing about the JarKey is the special three-point principle that ensures the vacuum to be released by a gentle lift without damaging the lid. After releasing the vacuum, the lid can easily be unscrewed.

The JarKey is now available at Fidders Lights, Décor & Gifts in Stellenbosch

New Pendant Lights from Eurolux


Just Arrived: New Pendant Lights from Eurolux
Funnello Pendant with Adjustable Cord Length: P482
Shade: Glass
Height: 240mm
Cord Length: 1000mm
Diameter: 250mm

Vino Pendant with Adjustable Cord Length: P487
Shade: Glass
Height: 250mm
Cord Length: 1000mm
Diameter: 210mm

Farmhouse Pendant with Adjustable Cord Length: P488
Shade: Glass
Height: 305mm
Cord Length 1000mmmm
Diameter 160mm

Farmhouse Pendant with Adjustable Cord Length: P489
Shade: Glass
Height: 200mm
Cord Length: 1000mm
Diameter:  145mm

Fidders Gift Registry


Fidders, Lights, Décor & Gifts in Stellenbosch now offer the convenient service of a gift registry. We stock a large selection of gifts, light fittings & décor for Kitchen Tea, Wedding & House Warming parties. Pop in and view the registry list, buy and have the gift wrapped for FREE. We will even deliver the parcel for you (shipping rates apply) – OR – contact us via email to send the listed party’s gift registry to you, order the gift online and get it delivered to the gift receiver’s door.

Fidders Lights, Décor & Gifts – Stellenbosch 021 886 4655

Chrome and Glass Light Fittings


Just Arrived: Imported chrome and glass light fittings at Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts in Stellenbosch . These timeless pieces come in various sizes and add a mordern, yet classical touch to your home.

Priced from R2000.

30 LED Emergency Lamp


Just Arrived: 30 LED Emergency Lamp

We have just received our stock of the Flash 30 LED Emergency Lamp with rechargeable Lithium Battery.

  • Battery to be charged for 16 hours on first time charge.
  • Battery lasts for up to 5 hrs. 
  • When lamp is not in use – charge every 4 months. 
  • Watts: 1.8W 
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz 
  • 3 year guarantee. 
  • Portable. 
  • Perfect for use during loadshedding! 


Don’t delay – get yours NOW!!! Fidders Lights, Decor & Gifts: 021 886 4655

5 Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

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  • microplaneadjustablecheeseplanewv
  • 5kitchenmusthaves

1) KitchenCraft 2 in 1 Spiral Slicer

  • This handy little gadget has 2 cutting blades:  Julienne & Ribbon  – suitable for firm vegetables such as courgettes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and carrots.
  • Use Julienne or Ribbon vegetables as a carb free alternative in pasta dishes, salads, stir fry, coleslaw & garnishes
  • Secure grip safety holder protects hands and makes slicing strands and ribbons quick and easy
  • Includes a cleaning brush for easy cleaning of blades.

2) Prepworks® Avocado Keeper

Protect and keep leftover Avocado.

We all know how expensive avocados have become – so it’s use it or lose it! With our handy Avocado Keeper, there’s no need to waste unused halves. Simply store the avocado cut side down to preserve for future use.

  • Snap on clear lid
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher Safe

3) Microplane® Garlic Mincer

  • Microplane® signature etched blades – made in the USA
  • Effortlessly squeeze handle to produce uniform cubes of garlic.
  • Cubes retain natural oils and full flavour of garlic
  • Cleans easily with removable grid
  • Ergonomically designed soft touch handle for comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe.

4) Microplane® Adjustable Slicer

The Microplane® Adjustable Slicer offers a long-lasting, ultra-sharp, stainless steel straight blade and also includes a julienne blade. The straight-edge blade cuts paper-thin to thick slices using three settings on adjustable knob. Switch to the julienne blade for long, thin, even strips perfect for pastas and salads.

  • Straight blade has a safe setting and three usable settings.

           0 = Safe setting
1 =1/32 in.
2 = 1/16 in.
3= 1/8 in.

  • Etched julienne blade attachment included with convenient storage
  • Food holder included for ease of use and safety
  • Stainless steel frame for superior durability
  • Ergonomically designed soft-touch handle
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 4″ x 1″
  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel blade and frame. Plastic body.
  • Blades made in USA. Assembled in Mexico.

5) Microplane® Adjustable Cheese Plane

With a simple twist, cheese lovers can enjoy delicatessen sliced cheese – such as Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda and Parmesan – at their desired thickness for sandwiches, cheese platters, gratins, and more.

For added versatility and convenience, the upper portion of the blade includes Microplane’s top-selling, original Ribbon Grater surface to allow home cooks and chefs the ability to grate a small amount of soft or hard cheese. For fast results, the Ribbon Grater surface works in both directions.

Product Details

  • Adjust from thin (1/32) to thick (3/16) with a simple twist of the knob in the handle.
  • Original Microplane Ribbon blade can be used to grate small amounts of cheese for garnishing.
  • Dimensions: 9 13/16″ x 3 1/4″ x 1 1/16″
  • Ergonomically designed soft touch handle.
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel blade
  • Blades made in USA. Assembled in Mexico.

All the above products are available at Fidders Lights, Decor and Gifts and can be couriered anywhere in South Africa (courier charges apply).

Ph: – +27 (0)21 886 4655