Spiegelau Glassware

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A night at the neighbourhood bistro, where good food is celebrated and the wine flows freely. A few drinks at the hot new bar, where the mixologists get everything right. A weekend dinner party, where the dishes are as sparkling as the conversation. At every table, on every bar. Spiegelau always shines. For the restauranteur or bar owner, the glasses meet all demands in all situations. For the individual, they bring a touch of professionalism to the table.

The Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH, located in the Bavarian Forest, has a long glass-making tradition and was first mentioned in 1521. Spiegelau has been setting trends and standards in the development and production of professional wine glasses for many years.

Today, Spiegelau stands as a synonym for fine dining glasses.

Vino Grande

Spiegelau’s Vino Grande series is part of a connoisseur line designed specifically for wine lovers. The thin rim means less distraction from the taste and texture of the wine. Tap the glass gently with your fingernail and you’ll hear the distinctive ping of fine crystal.

These glasses are well known for their:

Elegance Durability Dishwasher-safety High quality.

Vino Grande, the best seller world wide.

Vino Grande – the ‘intelligent’ glass for elegant and perfect wine drinking.


Authentis offers an assortment of 11 glasses.

Through design of the shape, the fine-blown character of AUTHENTIS ensures that the aroma and bouquet of wine is transferred to the taster in a perfectly authentic way. These elegant glasses are the result of highly specialized production processes combined with an in-depth understanding of wine appreciation. This makes AUTHENTIS the number one choice for sommeliers.

For these reasons, the ‘German Sommelier Association’ has issued a certificate confirming the perfect function and quality of the AUTHENTIS series.


The style series with its classy and elegant glasses ensures to be the right choice for every occasion. Their modern shape emanates aesthetics and self-confidence. They’ve simply got style.